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Buffetware: Types, How to Purchase, Clean and Maintain them

One of the most beautiful things about the hospitality sector is its unparalleled service, performed impeccably without compromising on its quality and aesthetic appeal. Buffetware is no different in providing the much-needed aesthetic texture as these items help foodservice operators to regulate food serving thereby reducing wastage. Since buffetware is meant to be a front-of-the-house application, what you have to consider while specifying these items is its durability, functionality and appearance.

What is Buffetware and Serving Dishes?











Buffetware or serving dishes include any kind of serving or display objects chiefly designed to décor the hospitality sector, irrespective of its kind.

Whatever edibles your most valued clients prefer, it is served in these buffetware with different sizes and shapes.

It’s quite interesting to know about buffetware made of metal, ceramic, plastic, glass or wood. Since they are meant to enthrall your guests, these are in high demand, especially those ceremonial platters made of gold and silver.

All these special edition platters would enhance your precious occasions to cherish for a lifetime.

Buffetware Sets & Types

types of buffetware

Buffetware simply means elusive objects that operators use to serve food.

Any event, party, or buffet is incomplete without buffet ware as it keeps the occasion lively especially when it comes to savoring the sumptuousness of extensive and expensive food items.

To name a few, there are chafing dishes, crockeries, designer cooking utensils, steam pots and pans, cooking stations, bowls, serving ware, and gears.

There are around 17 types of serve ware used for buffet needs. It would be great if you can keep the simplicity at its best. You can perfectly adjust all of them for your catering requirements.


Make your quality time more eventful with extraordinary buffet ware sets including Elevation, Tongs, Tag Holders, Cutlery Holders, Tier Stands, Fruit Stands, Snack Warmers, and Chaffing Dish along with other needed accessories.

Cleaning and Maintaining Buffetware – How to do it?

cleaning buffetware

Proper and timely maintenance of equipment plays a key role in the life expectancy of the buffetware products. That being said, if all such buffet sets are properly preserved, especially during the time when they are operated, it can be used for a long time without much trouble.

Keep in mind that buffet equipment doesn’t require extensive cleaning. It only requires a non-caustic cleaner, but make sure that all food debris has been removed while washing. And if you find any hard debris on it, just use a light scrubber to remove it.

There are buffetware sets that need water to heat the product and it is not advised to run it when dry. And it is the duty of caterers to check occasionally the water level during the procedure to keep it away from burns and cracks. So, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, quarterly or semi-annual action is advised as it helps you to really understand whether the set is still perfect to operate.

Purchasing Buffetware – How to buy the best buffet sets based on your requirement?


While purchasing buffet ware equipment, there are various aspects to be considered, especially when it is depending upon certain applications and design. You have to consider both the aesthetics and flexibility of the products.

Operators are advised to distinguish whether the specific product is competent to be used for any occasion. Like said, it depends upon the type of function you organize.

It would be a nice gesture if you can bring flexibility in table designs and cooking stations. Let it be a captivating event by including raw bars and carving stations along with chafing dishes, soup bar, and hot as well as cold stations.

Be sure about the expected volume and menu offerings as it would help you understand what you really need that day.

Each and every time, you need to transport dishes from the kitchen and for that, you should be well-equipped with transport equipment, including hot boxes and transport carts.

To make the event more colorful, assimilate unique themes for buffet ware also, by providing special colour combinations and shades.

Who are the Best Buffetware Suppliers in Qatar?

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