Cristal De Paris

Founded in 1970 by Marcel Ferstler in Montbronn, France, Cristal de Paris , into its theird generation, has been synonymous with luxurious works of art made of crystal. The glassware is elaborately carved by French glass artists, polished and refined with color accents. Glasses, carafes and vases are created with timeless beauty to adorn your table with complete range of table as well as decorative crystal ware. By combining hand-engraved, free-blown pieces with great classic tyles and innovative designs Cristal de Paris is at the forefront in the very select world of crystal.


Part of the Riedel Group, Spiegelau has been manufacturing sturdy yet fine glassware for the modern-day hospitality trade for five centuries. Quality made in Germany, Spiegelau’s remarkable durability can be attributed in large part to the Platinum Glass process.

Union Victor

Established in 1947 in China Town, the oldest business center in Bangkok, As a manufacturer, Union Victor aims to produce high-quality hand-made glass to cater for their customers from medium to high end. Glass is a product whose value can be enhanced by design and quality control. Union Victors is thus strongly committed to product development in terms of creating trendy design coupled with technical advances to constantly improve our product line and ensure customer satisfaction.