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How to choose the Best Crockery for Hotels

How to choose the Best Crockery for Hotels

Crockery refers to a collection of ceramic or porcelain dishes, plates, bowls, cups, and other tableware items used for serving and consuming food and beverages. It is an essential part of a dining culture and includes items like dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, coffee mugs, teacups, saucers, serving platters, and more.

Commonly found in households, restaurants, and other dining establishments, crockery comes in various styles, designs, and materials. It is typically made from fired clay, porcelain, or ceramic materials that are glazed to make them smooth, durable, and easy to clean. It can be plain or decorated with various patterns, colours, and designs to suit different aesthetic preferences and occasions.


High-quality crockery is often considered an important element in table settings and dining experiences, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to meals. Crockery plays a crucial role in the overall dining experience at hotels. Its importance in hotels can be summarized in several key aspects:

Presentation and Aesthetics

Crockery, including plates, bowls, and serving dishes, contributes significantly to the visual appeal of a meal. High-quality, well-designed crockery enhances the presentation of dishes, making them look more appetizing and appealing to guests. This visual appeal is essential in the hospitality industry, where first impressions are vital.

Brand Image

Crockery can reflect a hotel’s brand and identity. Hotels often choose crockery that aligns with their overall theme, style, or level of luxury. Consistent and distinctive crockery can help reinforce the hotel’s brand image and create a unique dining experience for guests.

Hygiene and Safety

Crockery must meet strict hygiene and safety standards in the hotel industry. Properly cleaned and sanitized crockery is crucial to prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain the health and well-being of guests. Durable, easy-to-clean materials are preferred in hotel settings to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness.

Functionality and Durability

Hotels serve a large number of guests daily, so crockery must be durable and functional. It should withstand frequent use and washing without chipping, cracking, or showing signs of wear and tear. Functionality also includes factors like the size and shape of plates and bowls, which must be appropriate for serving various dishes.

Guest Experience

Crockery can significantly impact the overall dining experience of hotel guests. The choice of crockery can set the tone for a meal, whether it’s a casual breakfast, a formal dinner, or a themed event. Comfortable and appropriately sized utensils and dishes can enhance the guest’s experience by making it more enjoyable and convenient.


While high-quality crockery may initially seem like an investment, it can be cost-effective in the long run. Durable crockery requires less frequent replacement, reducing ongoing operational costs for the hotel. Moreover, a visually appealing presentation can justify higher menu prices and attract more patrons.

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Environmental Considerations

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainability in the hospitality industry. Many hotels are opting for eco-friendly crockery made from sustainable materials to reduce their environmental impact. This choice not only aligns with the hotel’s environmental values but can also appeal to environmentally conscious guests.

Choosing the best crockery for hotels is essential as it not only enhances the dining experience but also reflects the establishment’s overall image and style. Here are some steps to help you select the best crockery for your hotel:

Understand Your Brand and Concept

Consider the overall theme and concept of your hotel. Is it a luxury resort, a boutique hotel, a family-friendly establishment, or something else? Your crockery should align with your brand identity.

Determine Your Budget

Establish a budget for crockery procurement. High-quality crockery can be an investment, but it’s crucial to strike a balance between cost and quality.

Identify Your Needs

Assess your hotel’s specific requirements, including the type of cuisine you serve, the number of guests you accommodate, and the frequency of table turnover.

Quality and Durability

Look for crockery made from durable materials like porcelain, bone china, or stoneware. High-quality crockery should be able to withstand frequent use and dishwashing without chipping or cracking.

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Style and Aesthetics

Choose crockery that complements the overall decor and ambiance of your dining spaces. Consider the color, shape, and design of the plates, bowls, and other items. The style should resonate with your brand’s image.

Size and Functionality

Ensure that the crockery sizes and shapes are appropriate for the types of dishes you serve. Different courses (appetizers, main courses, desserts) may require different sizes and shapes of plates and bowls.


Consider whether you want to customize your crockery with your hotel’s logo, name, or a specific design. Customization can enhance brand visibility and uniqueness.


In today’s eco-conscious world, consider choosing crockery that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Look for options made from recycled or biodegradable materials.

Supplier Selection

Choose a reputable supplier or manufacturer known for producing high-quality crockery. Check reviews, ask for samples, and evaluate their customer service and support.


Consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining the crockery. Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe crockery can save time and effort for your staff.

Long-term Investment

Remember that high-quality crockery is an investment that should last for years. Don’t compromise on quality for short-term cost savings.

By carefully considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can choose the best crockery for your hotel that aligns with your brand, enhances the dining experience, and meets your budgetary requirements.