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Top 14 Kitchen Utensils for Restaurants in Qatar

Anywhere in the world, hotels and restaurants make use of kitchen utensils in food preparation or to serve food and to store food. Kitchenware refers to equipment such as dishes, appliances, cookware, and utensils to grace the kitchen interiors and to provide guests a valuable experience. Listed here are the top 14 kitchen utensils for restaurants in Qatar. Have a glance at each.


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This is all in one solution. Matfer Prep mini offers a single unit for chopping, slicing and crushing. It is compatible with all Prep Chef Tools. The design is perfect so that it helps you to chop off vegetables in a very easy manner. The large handles make it easy for use. Save your time while cutting fresh products.

⦁ Composite Material Base
⦁ Stainless Steel Rods on Springs
⦁ Detachable Handles
⦁ Arrives with Modulus Gastronorm deep pan

Product Varieties

1.  Onion Cutter

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Cut your way to get desired pieces of onion. It chops around 1 kg of onions into 8×8 mm cubes in a minute. The major attraction is minimal effort and better results.


⦁ A tripod stand compatible with masher tool
⦁ Detachable tool
⦁ Lever as well as the grinder can be disassembled


2. French Fries Cutter

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This one help to cut unvarying shapes of French fries from raw potatoes. There are several types of French Fries cutters and it can control the width and depth of the cut.

3. Cherry Tomato Divider

You can separate equal pieces of tomatoes using this dividing machine. The blade is sharp and it makes your cutting easier and hassle-free.


4. Tomatoes and Citrus Wedger

To make tomato cutting easy and comfortable, this machine helps you the most. Restaurants mostly prefer this as it helps the chefs to make favourite dishes for their guests effortlessly.

5. Cheese Slice Cutter

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Cheese is one of the most important items included in the food menu as it has to be sliced perfectly to prepare edible dishes.


6. Salad Spring Dryer Swing

With its compact design, this spin dryer helps you in rapid drying with less effort. For effective, draining process, there is a wide aerated basket with good stability.


  • Polypropylene Body
  • Polycarbonate Lid
  • Made with Draining Tube
  • Easy to Turn

7. Mandolines

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Mandolines help you for precise cutting and ensures total safety. It helps you in all types of cuts including waffle cut and it comes with 3 blades.

8. Food Mill & Vegetable Cutters

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Be it any vegetable, this machine helps to cut and slice as you desire. Mostly chef use to cut soft vegetables using this cutter.


9. Fruit Cutters

After fine dining, the guests would love to have some refreshments and it would be nice if you can offer some freshly cut fruits. These wide range of fruit cutters help chefs to make some freshly cut mixed fruit varieties.

10. Mafter Exoglass Filter

This one has been made with unique filtration quality with triple layer support system. It is sturdy and hence keeps the shape. Made with stainless steel mesh, it has a comfortable heat insulating handle.


11. Part Frying Skimmer

This one enables you to prudently salvage and drain even the least poached and fried products. Since it holds a fine mesh, draining will be easy which helps you to save a lot of time.

12. Strainers & Colanders

13. Mixing Bowls

Size Specifiation

These mixing bowls helps to blend dry ingredients along with mixing salads, organizing, and more. The kitchen needs several bowls in different sizes.

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14. Whisks

Use these stainless spring steel wires to mix well. It won’t twist and won’t detach. The nuetral barrier zone in yellow shade prevents cross-contamination as well.

Above are some of the most used kitchen utensils at restaurants in Qatar. Stay tuned for more.